Slowest. Mile. Ever.

I casually mentioned this in yesterday’s post about Etta Britt. My surgeon has lifted a few restrictions and I am now able to start a walking program. I walked 17 minutes on Tuesday and 20 minutes on Thursday. I wore a watch but didn’t measure my distance. I was simply concentrating on my form and trying not to limp.

On Saturday I dusted of my Garmin in order to check my time and distance. It was sad, folks. Part of me hates to tell you my time, but I also know there may be folks reading this who are going through their own fitness trials and tribulations. Someone out there may read this and will think to herself, “Oh my gosh, I thought I was slow. But that Pam…she’s…she’s pathetic yet she gets out there anyway.” So, in an effort to help you feel good about yourself, I share with you my post-surgery, one-mile time trial.


Your eyes do not deceive you. It took me 28 minutes to walk a mile. Sigh. That’s the bad news. That, and every step hurt. The good news is, short of sustaining a compound fracture I have nowhere to go but up.

Don’t you feel better about yourself?

Update: I wrote this post yesterday (Sunday) and scheduled it to upload today at 5:30. This afternoon I learned about the horror that occurred today at the Boston Marathon. My heart is heavy for those killed and injured as well as their families. And I am even more grateful for the opportunity to “start over.”

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