Starting Over: It’s Never Too Late

A few months ago I joined CABLE, a Tennessee networking organization for women. The speakers I’ve heard since joining have not disappointed. Last week I had the good fortune of hearing Etta Britt. Etta is a bluesy, soulful powerhouse who didn’t sign her first record deal until she was in her…gasp…50s! That’s pretty much unheard of in the youth-oriented music industry. You can read more about Etta here.

During the CABLE meeting Etta treated us to a few songs. She also gave an inspiring testimony to the power of never giving up on our dreams. Heck, we can even allow ourselves new dreams as we age.

Here's an blurry photo I shot of Etta Britt. I dared not jump in front of CABLE's official photographer.

Here’s an blurry photo I shot of Etta Britt. I dared not jump in front of CABLE’s official photographer.

I’m glad I still allow myself to dream. As a 50-year-old I went back to school to study a new field (life coaching). If all goes according to plan, I’ll finish the advanced program in two years…at the ripe young age of 53. I further stepped out of my comfort zone and left a job I’d had for 15 years to join another non-profit organization. I’m in the same field (development) but I am meeting new circles of donors and stakeholders and I’m having a ball. As a 51-year-old I’ve started a small coaching practice and I’m enjoying being of service to others in this way.

In the area of fitness I find myself starting over. I was finally sidelined in December due to pain I would later discover was caused by tendonitis and bone spurs. February’s foot surgery has meant I’ve only been able to do limited workouts in a walking boot. Last week my surgeon lifted a few restrictions and am now able to begin a walking program. Talk about being back at Square One! Yesterday I walked my slowest mile ever! It was pitiful, but recovery from surgery is all about baby steps, pun intended.

Completing a marathon remains on my bucket list. And Etta Britt reminded me to keep adding to that list. I truly believe that age is just a number and I must not limit myself due to the number of years I’ve been on the planet.

What about you? Are you still dreaming? What’s on that bucket list of yours? You’re still a work in progress, you know.

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