Out of the Boot! (Sort of)

Y’all! I just returned home from my appointment with the foot surgeon and I am so excited! A few restrictions have been lifted. Woot!

  • I’m now allowed to wean myself off of the walking boot! I can wear a running shoe during the first half of the day. I’ll be back in the walking boot during the afternoon and evening. This is due to swelling. The transition will take about two weeks. (And I’ll continue to enjoy swelling for five or six months.)
  • I can begin a walking program, starting with 15 minutes a day. I must walk slowly at first and stay on flat courses. I’ll finish my cardio work on the elliptical machine or stationary bike.
  • I can rejoin spin class as long as I don’t do any “jumps” or peddle while standing. I wear cycling shoes and clip in to the peddles, so I’ll need to be very careful clipping in and out.
  • I only have to wear the toe sling when sleeping and I no longer have to sleep wearing the driving sandal. FREEDOM!!

We took x-rays today and I saw my hardware for the first time. I have three screws which will be removed in June and I have staples which I’ll keep for life. The staples were put in because of all of the tendons that were cut so the bone spurs could be removed. One of the screws is working its way out, but it should be fine until it’s time for them all to be removed. When we looked at the x-rays the doctor actually said, “You have a screw loose.” Of course, I already knew that.

In short, it was a great visit and I am so happy to be in the second phase of my recovery.

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2 Responses to Out of the Boot! (Sort of)

  1. Tom McNulty says:

    Hi, you mention ‘driving sandal.’ What is a driving sandal ?

    • Pam Brown says:

      Hi,Tom. It’s illegal to drive in a walking boot. The driving sandal provides less support but you can feel the road when driving. I should have mentioned that I’ve not been allowed to walk barefoot so I’ve had to sleep in the sandal in the event I need to get up in the middle of the night.

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