Random Post-Surgery Thoughts

I’ve heard it said that expectations are just resentments waiting to happen. I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow. I’m trying to lower my expectations, but I’m hopeful he will tell me I have graduated from having to wear the walking boot. Of course, all will depend on the the x-rays and whether or not my bones have healed.

I’ve now been in physical therapy for two weeks. I go three times a week…at 7 a.m. Yawn. I’ve been faithfully doing my at-home physical therapy exercises. My therapist tells me I’m a great patient and on Friday she measured my mobility. I’ve shown improvement in all but one of the measurements. I was expecting to graduate from PT but the therapist has requested (of my insurance company) four more weeks. I was a little surprised by this, but she explained that because I am a very active person, she feels I need the extra time to get my foot ready for running, biking, hiking….you get the idea. That was another lesson in lowering expectations.

I’ve been a little sad as I drive around town. Nashvillians have enjoyed a gloriously beautiful weekend and I’ve seen many a runner out and about. We are a few weeks away from the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon and I bet a lot of those folks are doing their training runs. I registered for the half long before I knew I would be having surgery. Seeing the runners makes me long for the day when I’ll be out there again. My surgeon has already told me running will be the last activity he allows. We are probably looking at June or July before I run my first step, after the pins have been removed from my foot.

While it may sound like I’m having a pity party, I’m really not. I’m simply typing out my thoughts as a way to process. I’m concentrating on taking this recovery one day at a time. Yes, I would love to have all of this behind me, but TODAY I am allowed to work out on the elliptical trainer. TODAY I am allowed to ride a stationary bike. TODAY I am allowed to use most of the leg machines in the gym.

As I see all of the runners and cyclists out there enjoying spring training, I’ll try not to feel jealous. Instead, I look at them and envision the things I’ll be able to do…

all in good time.

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3 Responses to Random Post-Surgery Thoughts

  1. Randy Shaw says:

    I hate these times, Pam, but your journal reminded me that we appreciate the good days more when we have gone through something like you are going through right now. Hang tough, sister!

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