A Quick, Post-Surgery Update: Feeling Blessed

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I have a one-word reason for that:


Last week, my first week following foot surgery, I worked from home. I was able to phone in to all of my meetings and I could rest and elevate my foot whenever I needed to. I was able to work the number of hours I’m committed to, but it required having the self-discipline to rest when needed. That proved to be difficult for me!

This week I’m back at the office and I’m doing some limited driving. I’ve been waking up early and working at home for about an hour. Once I feel rush hour traffic has settled down, I make the eight-mile drive to work. I work at the office until I get tired (actually I try to leave before getting tired) and head home. After a quick rest with foot elevated, I’ll complete a few more tasks here at the house.

The fatigue stems from having been under anesthesia for four hours. It takes a while to bounce back from that.

This morning I’m filled with gratitude for having such a wonderful employer.  It was actually my boss’s idea that I work from home last week. Plenty of people offered to give me rides to the office, but had I taken them up on it, I’d have been unable to rest when needed and ice/elevate my foot as often as was necessary. And my boss completely supports my rush-hour avoidance while I’m required to wear a driving boot when behind the wheel (six weeks total).

Yes, I’m feeling very blessed today.

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