As I mentioned in my last post, the only thing standing between me and this Friday’s foot surgery was an EKG and a pre-op blood screen. I cruised into a medical center on Friday and took care of those little items.

When I arrived the nice man at the welcome desk directed me to patient registration. He told me it was a looooong walk and asked if I could walk without assistance or was I in need of a wheelchair. The way he spoke, I wondered if I’d be walking to the next county. Rather than tell him how many miles I run in a typical year, I just smiled and told him I’d be fine hoofing it. You’ll be happy to know I made the less than 100-yard walks sans incident.

I was a little nervous about the EKG. Last year while going though a really stressful time, I experience chest pains. I never sought medical attention other than talking to a friend who is a cardiac nurse. That counts, right? I only had three or four episodes and I’ve not had any pain since. Plus, the source of that particular stress is now a thing of the past. Still, I wondered whether or not my EKG would be normal.

An adorable, young tech with a hilariously dry sense of humor led me back to the testing room. A student was along side him. I told her I hoped this wouldn’t be too exciting. She responded that she’s in learning mode and everything is exciting. I clarified that I’d hoped this would be uneventful…for me.

I casually mentioned since I was going to have a blood test I’d only had black decaf for breakfast. Once I was all hooked up the tech pointed out the lines and numbers on the monitor. Thinking I should have the same experience as the student, I shifted to have a look at the monitor. “And this is where she moved,” the tech said as he pointed to a line. “Should I not have done that?” I inquired. “We’d prefer you didn’t,” was the dry response.

There were a few more minutes of pointing and studying. “This number proves she was honest about drinking decaf. It’s 71. If she’d had caffeine it would be up in the 100s.” I have no idea what that meant, but I sensed my giving up caffeine back in September was a good thing.

Once unhooked I received the great news that my EKG was normal. Thinking back to last year’s chest pains I asked if an abnormal EKG would be due to something hereditary. I was adopted as an infant and it’s always nice to blame problems on people I’ve never met. šŸ™‚ The tech told me an abnormal EKG could be the result of hereditary conditions or…wait for it…stress.

Now that the EKG is behind me, I’m glad I was forced to do it. It gives me peace of mind to know my ticker is ticking as it should.

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