Going Under the Knife

Have I mentioned I’m having surgery? I didn’t think so. I’m going under the knife later this month to have the bone spurs removed. The surgery is elective, but if I don’t have it I’ll enjoy chronic tendonitis…forever. Forever is a long time, at least I hope so and I’d rather lift weights, hike, swim, bike and run into forever with the least amount of pain as possible.

While he’s at it, the surgeon is also going to correct another bone abnormality that is so clear on the X-ray, even I can see it. If it were for cosmetic purposes, we’d call this part of the surgery a “bunion removal.” But this isn’t cosmetic. The bone of my big toe looks like a parenthesis. The surgeon will remove some extra bone, make a clean cut across the remaining toe bone and straighten it with pins. It’s called an ostectomy. I’ve been PROMISED this extra procedure will not lengthen my recovery time. I’ll be in a walking boot for six weeks. After two weeks I’ll be able to do some light cardio such as the elliptical machine and the exercise bike (but not spin). When I go to the doc for my post-op appointment, I’ll have a chart of all of the different exercises/training I do. He’ll let me know how many weeks post-op I can begin each activity.

Now get this. Because I’m…gasp…over 50, I must have an EKG before I can have the surgery. I’ll cruise into a local medical center this week. I’ve never had one of those. Have you?

My hubs was offered two tickets for a hockey game the night of my surgery. Against my urging he turned them down. I guess he doesn’t trust me to be home by myself all mellowed out on oxycodone. When he explained why he was declining the tickets the guy who offered them said, “Oh, how did she injure herself?” Hub’s response: “It’s not an injury. Just wear and tear from aging.” I can’t believe he told the guy that and I can’t believe he told me he told him. Remind me to put some rat poisoning in his iced tea.

For now I’ll continue to get my sweat on via the elliptical machine and the exercise bike. I haven’t run since December 22 and I miss it terribly. But laying off has meant my tendonitis is healing faster and I don’t miss that pain. And I’m working on accepting this down time knowing I’ll feel so much better when I get on the other side of the surgery and recovery.

I guess it’s just a part of aging, at least according to hubs.

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2 Responses to Going Under the Knife

  1. Stella Floyd says:

    Pam I hope all goes well for you. Whos is your surgeon? Stella

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