Me and My Bible

I’m a member of Vibrant Nation’s Blog Circle. That means the folks at the website have asked me to republish some my blog posts over there. Last week I reposted this one, and a commenter had this to say:

“Hmmmm… Bible v. diary – I think I’d take the diary too!! LOL…”

I wasn’t sure how to take that. It was friendly (LOLs always make me think the writer is being friendly, not snarky), but still I felt the need to stand up for the Bible. I intentially wrote my post spelling bible with a small “b.” So I responded that I read the Bible with a capital B and it’s the only one I need. I inserted a smiley face so as not to appear snarky my own self.

This reminded me that I haven’t told you about my current Bible readings. Come to think of it, I don’t recall telling you about any of my Bible readings.

I have a Bible app on my phone and it contains daily reading plans. Last year I read a year-long plan written by Joyce Meyer. I love me some Joyce. This year I’ve decided to read shorter-term plans throughout the year. I’m currently reading one that has a perfect tie-in to fitness. It’s called Made to Crave and it’s a 21-day plan. The author has dealt with food issues and in each day’s reading she provides a devotional writing about how important it’s been for her to rely on God when food cravings hit. The accompanying Bible verse ties in perfectly with her writing.

There’s a saying that goes, “It’s not what you eat, it’s what’s eating you.” There was a time when I thought God was too busy dealing with wars and other important matters to care about my food issues. Now I know better. One day at a time I work to strengthen my relationship with my Higher Power. One day at a time He helps me make good choices. I just have to be willing to make those choices…with food and with life.

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