Oh, My Aching Feet: The Podiatrist Report

I met my new podiatrist today. He began by poking around my feet to create a pain response. And a response he did create! Then he used an ultrasound machine so he…and I…could get a good look at the problem.

He diagnosed my left foot with a name that’s about twenty syllables long. “There’s no way I’m going to remember that,” I told him. His response? “Just remember you have SEVERE tendonitis in your left foot.” Fabulous.

Then it was on to the right foot, the pain is on the top of the foot. I have tendonitis there as well, although he didn’t describe it as SEVERE. The reason it hurts like heck is because I also have two bone spurs in the same area, and a little arthritis mixed in for good measure. He said the spurs don’t look new. All of that combined is what’s causing my pain.

He gave me a cortisone shot in the SEVERE foot. He jabbed the needle directly into the site of the pain. I almost fell off the table but I must have looked brave because the doc told me I was really handling it well. I didn’t watch, but it had to have been some needle because when I opened my eyes I saw a nice pool of blood on my foot and on the chair’s foot rest. After the stabbing his nurse gave me a therapeutic ultrasound treatment in each foot. The heat is supposed to help with the inflammation, but it also helped push the cortisone deeper into the inflamed tendon.

The doctor gave me, well, sold me a pair of orthotic inserts to wear in as many pairs of shoes as I can, but definitely in my running shoes. I now have a very stylish foot brace to wear for a while. And I’ll be taking Celebrex for two months. I’ll also be stopping by the office two days a week for more therapeutic ultrasound treatments with the nurse. Hopefully I’ll be released after another visit with the podiatrist in three weeks.


Thankfully the foot brace doesn't completely hide the holiday sock.

Thankfully the foot brace doesn’t completely cover the holiday sock.

Doc would like to see me stop running for a bit but he understands I’m training for a marathon. He told me I can run but healing will take place faster if I don’t. He seemed somewhat satisfied that I’m replacing some mileage on the road with the elliptical machine.

Yes, I wish I’d gotten medical attention sooner. But most of the aches and pains I’ve had have gone away after a little ice, stretching and ibuprofen and I thought…hoped this would as well. But better late than never.

Do you have any aches and pains that won’t go away (ex-wives and husbands don’t count). Have you put off going to the doc? Confess in the comments section.

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