Tea Time

Just because I’m sugar-free doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a little sweetness. A few years ago I discovered Celestial Seasoning’s Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. It’s only available at Christmas time. I love that stuff. You could say I start jonzing for it this time of year.

Last year I couldn’t find any. Anywhere. This year I issued a plea on Facebook asking friends to be on the lookout. My friends didn’t disappoint. Someone posted a link to the the company’s store locator (why didn’t I think of that?). I logged on and plugged in my ZIP code. I found a store nearby, jumped in my car and began the hunt.

It appeared others had already found my hunting ground. To my horror there were only three boxes on the shelf. I grabbed them with no regard for anyone who might come behind me in search. Mine…all mine.



The young lady in the checkout lane scanned my loot and commented, “I love this tea.” Sensing a bonding moment, I told her that these were the last boxes. “Do you think you’ll get another shipment?” She responded that if it wasn’t on automatic reorder she’d make a request. Love. Her.

Since then I’ve been receiving Facebook messages from friends who’ve found boxes of the tea…and bought them. Putting my selfishness aside I’ve reminded myself that the company doesn’t manufacture this brew just for me, although they should. If others help me create a demand perhaps there will be more for all of us…next year.

For now I’ll continue to buy as many boxes as I can find to get me through the cold winter months. And when I’m at holiday parties surrounded by friends eating desserts because they can, I’ll have something to look forward to when I return home.

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