Death by Training?

Tonight at dinner mom informed me that too much exercise will kill me. How does she know this? She heard it on the news. Once back home following receipt of this cheerful prognostication I logged on to Shut Up and Run and read essentially the same thing. Mom must have heard a news report regarding this article.


Here’s what I know:

  • I weigh a lot less than I did in the past and I weigh more than I will in the future.
  • I no longer take blood pressure medication. In fact, I take no prescriptions at all.None.
  • My moods are level and I don’t have the huge emotional dips I used to have.
  • Through running and triathlon I’ve made new friends. Studies have shown having strong social networks can add years to one’s life.
  • Often the solution to a work challenge or a creative idea will come to me while I’m training.

I don’t think I should be described as one who exercises too much. Is it possible I could experience death by training? Of course. Or a meteor might fall on my head. I’m much more concerned about the growth hormones ranchers feed their cattle or the GMO trickery the Monsanto company doesn’t want us to know about.

So for now I’ll continue to run, bike, swim and enjoy. What about you?

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