Snapshot Saturday: Viva la Diva

My friend and running buddy Lynn and I are still injured. We limped through the Viva la Diva 10 mile course and stayed in the back. In the back as in no one was behind us. In the back as in the timing mat was already put away when we finished. But since I work for one of the non-profits that benefits from this event, I wanted to press on. Wearing my brand new, handed-to-me-just-before-the-race-start FiftyForward running shirt, I thanked every volunteer on behalf of my organization.

Race finishers were given commemorative charms. My work buddy Adrienne volunteered at the finish line and hung in there until I finished so I could get my reward. That’s kindness!

Viva la Diva benefits the aformentioned FiftyForward as well as the YWCA and Bridges Domestic Violence Center all very worthy causes. I hope you consider running the 5k or the 10-mile course next year. Walkers are welcome as are…in my case…crawlers.

Do not adjust your computer monitor as you view these photos. My camera died and I had to rely on my phone’s crappy camera.

A group of runners/walkers from nearby Murfreesboro, TN made up the ‘Boro Divas. They wore hard-to-miss pink and they had a blast.

YWCA Executive Director Pat Shea (left) and FiftyForward Executive Director Janet Jernigan welcome the crowd.

Tennessee Titan Sen’Derrick Marks, honorary race host, addresses the crowd. Photo courtesy of Viva la Diva.

Sen’Derrick getting ready to start the run in the @Nissan Leaf. Photo courtesy of Viva la Diva.

Off and running, walking…and limping. Photo courtesy of Viva la Diva.




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