Snapshot Saturday: Nashville Half Marathon

Every. Step. Hurt.

If it weren’t for the plantar fasciitis in the left foot, the soft tissue inflamation in the right foot, and the killer menstrual cramps that sucker-punched me within the first two miles, it would have been a fun day.

The weather was perfect for a half marathon. My only goal was to finish and complete 13-miles as prescribed by my marathon training plan. My friend Lynn kept me company for the first five miles. And she waited for me at the 11.5 mile mark. By the time I got there my right foot felt like it was about to burst out of my shoe due to swelling. I decided to walk the final 1.6 miles. But finish I did and I am now the proud owner of my 10th half marathon medal.

The start line. Shortly after starting I heard someone call my name. It was Matt, a former co-worker of mine. Have you ever hugged someone while running? It takes skill and poise, something Matt and I have in abundance.

Climbing. That’s the new convention center on the left.

Heading toward Buddy Killen Circle. The statue Musica is ahead. It was used in a scene from the TV show Nashville. From time to time pranksters dress the statue people. They’ve been dressed for St. Paddy’s Day and to cheer on our Nashville Predators hockey team. City officials hate that. I love it. I’d like to dress them but I’m afraid of heights. Plus, hubs would refuse to post bail if I were to get caught.

Locals call this section of Broadway “Lower Broad.” It’s where all of the honkytonk bars are located.

Almost there.

I’ve never been so happy to see another human being.

Haggard but happy to have my 10th piece of hardware. Try not be be jealous of how ravishing I look after a half marathon.

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4 Responses to Snapshot Saturday: Nashville Half Marathon

  1. tim-10-ber says:

    good for you! now ice, ice and ice some more!!!

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