Snapshot Saturday: October 27, 2012 (Zombie Alert)

Today I was scheduled to run 11 miles. So off I went to Percy Warner Park, the scene of my nine mile run of two weeks ago. This was my first time to do the 11.2 alone. I didn’t take many photos of the first 4.5 miles since I’ve already documented those. I was looking forward to seeing more Fall color, but wasn’t looking forward to going through the pain solo. As it turned out  I was far from alone…

As I approached the 4.5 mile point, I saw this tent in the distance. I remembered thinking, “I didn’t know they allowed camping here,” but figured there was a group of boy scouts doing some badge -earning stuff. But as I got closer I saw a pair of legs sticking out of the tent. Weird.

And then I ran into this guy.

And these people.

And then this happened…

Yes, that’s my leg and no, I didn’t ask her to do that. AMC’s The Walking Dead portrays zombies as beings that move pretty slowly. This kid pounced like a puma. She was on me before I knew what was going on.

It turns out I’d happened upon a staging area for the Zombie Buffet 5K.  I chatted with the zombies for a few minutes and then took off. After all, I still had about seven miles to go.

About a half mile later I ran into these two. They were looking for the staging area. I gave them directions. I discriminate against no one…dead or alive.

Later I came upon the 5k finish line. I felt just like a racing bandit, running through a finish chute when I wasn’t entered in the race. Of course, the event wouldn’t even begin for another hour.

I actually took some pretty Fall photos, but rather than ruin this ghastly theme, I’ll post Snapshot Saturday: Revisited on Monday.

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2 Responses to Snapshot Saturday: October 27, 2012 (Zombie Alert)

  1. Joann jolly says:

    Hilarious! Great read …hahaha.

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