Snapshot Saturday

It’s been said that Saturdays are where blog posts go to die; everyone’s out having fun rather than sitting in front of the computer. So, rather than put a lot of time into a Saturday blog post (actually, I never put a lot of time into blog posts), I’m introducing Snapshot Saturdays. I’ll post photos from the day’s long run. Today I was scheduled for a 9-miler. I chose my beloved Percy Warner Park. I ran 4.5 miles of the 11.2 mile loop, then turned around and jogged it out to my car.


The beginning of “three-mile hill.” A bit flat here but trust me, it’s a climb.

Tempting, but I kept going.

I saw quite a few of these.

One of the sweetest sights on the route. Mile 2 (and for me today, Mile 7).

Whenever I see this sign, I want the road to flatten out. After all, it’s called Three-Mile-Hill. But alas, there was a bit more to climb.

I ran into friends Matt and Kristen McBryde and baby Annabel. Annabel was born only five months ago and Kristen looks fantastic (Matt looks great, too, but he didn’t have a baby). Don’t hate. Kristen works at it. Check out her blog Hardstyle Diva.

I took a left.

Summer’s trying to hang on just a bit longer.

A pretty clearing. I hope to be out here in about two weeks. There should be more color then.

My turnaround point. 4.5 miles later…


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2 Responses to Snapshot Saturday

  1. Pam,

    Thank you for taking such lovely photos during your trek. I feel like I went on the run with you.


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