In Alignment

I didn’t have to go into the office on Friday. That left me with the choice of doing my long run on Friday or saving it for Saturday. My “to-do” list for the day was growing by the minute and I began my run with the intention of doing a three-miler and saving the longer run for Saturday. But a funny thing happened…

About half way through my run the pressures of my to-do list gave way to a feeling of relaxation. Rather than wishing I was finished with my workout, a feeling I experience all too often, a felt as though I could motor on forever. I began thinking about all of the changes I’ve made recently: leaving a job I’ve had for 15 years and moving to a new job I love, going back to school (more on that another time), and making the decision to give the marathon another try. I felt as though I was in complete alignment with what I’m supposed to be doing at this stage in my life. It felt very Higher Powered and I was filled with gratitude. Before I knew it, I’d completed the long run mileage prescribed by my training plan.

I won’t say I experienced a “runner’s high” but that feeling of well-being and alignment stayed with me the rest of the day. I had an incredibly productive weekend and I feel great entering the work week ahead.

Tell me about a time(s) when everything came together for you during a workout. If it happens more often that not, what’s your secret?

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