The Only Bad Workout…

Today marked the final day of the six-week “pre-marathon-training” plan. I’d planned to run the prescribed five miler first thing this morning. But we had an unexpected family thing  that necessitated a pre-sunrise trip to the emergency room (all is well now). Once home I took a nap. When I awoke, the last thing this morning runner wanted to do was run. But I couldn’t stand the thought of missing the last training session of the six-week plan. What to do?

I remembered a quote I’d read on Pinterest. Or was it Facebook?

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

So I made a deal with myself. As much as I hate working out on the treadmill, I decided I could make it through the boredom while watching SEC football. So I dragged my tired self to the gym. Before I knew it, the five miles were finished. Well, that’s not exactly true. But I eventually got them done.

Once finished I felt energized yet relaxed. I felt accomplished; the six-week plan gave me a needed kick-start after missing so many workouts this Spring.

The official marathon training plan begins on Monday. Let the fun and the pain begin.



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