Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Beth over at Shut Up and Run was recently “tagged” by another running blogger. To be tagged means you are called out on someone’s blog and asked to answer a list of questions. Rather than tagging others do to the same, Beth encouraged her readers to answer the set of questions either via our own blog posts or in the comments section of her blog. Confused yet?

Here are the list of questions and my answers.

Best run ever?
I guess that would be my first half marathon. Not because my time was great (it wasn’t) but because I accomplished something I didn’t realize I could do.

Three words that describe your running? Slow, slow, and slow

Your go-to running outfit? My Champion C-9 capris and my baggy, stained YMCA tech t-shirt.

Quirky habit while running?  Stopping to take pictures on my camera phone. Of course I pause my Garmin.

Morning, midday, evening? Morning, without question

I won’t run outside when it’s  raining

Worst injury—and how you got over it. Severed ACL with torn lateral and medial meniscus for good measure. Got over it with surgery, five months of physical therapy and a little bit of crying and swearing. I also vented to anyone who would listen, turning to complete strangers when my friends grew sick of listening to me.

I felt most like a badass mother runner when I’ve never felt that.

Next race is Viva La Diva 10-miler. I work for FiftyForward, one of the benefiting organizations. I did the 5k last year. It’s a great race. I hope my local friends will join me this year.

Now it’s your turn to answer. Cut and paste into your blog or answer in the comment section here. Don’t be shy; inquiring minds want to know. (I hope my walking friends will participate as well.)

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