16 Days of Self-Care: A Final Report

Today is my 16th consecutive day of vacation before beginning a new career adventure tomorrow morning. During this time I promised myself I would do at least one thing a day that would renew me physically, emotionally and/or spiritually…in other words I was giving myself 16 days of self-care. I would Tweet my self-care activity as a way to hold myself accountable.

During the first week, self-care consisted primarily of napping, reading, and parking myself on a float in a pool. Isn’t that why the state of Florida was created? The second week found me back at the gym in full workout mode, enjoying post-workout coffee breaks with friends, and reading. I spent a lot of time at home alone while hubs was at work. I never turned on the TV or radio, not once. The silence really helped clear out some cobwebs. I also joined a quilting group. We’ll get together next weekend to sew. I spent this weekend doing the prep work (washing, ironing, and cutting material) in preparation. It feels good to be quilting again.

These 16 days have helped me get my mojo back. Going forward, one day at a time, I plan to do at least one thing a day that renews me. I’ll be a better me as a result.

Oh, I also began working on a bucket list item. More on that in my next post.

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