16 Days: An Update

I’m 11 days in. I spent the first week of my 16 Days of Self-Care in sunny Florida with family. Those who follow me on Twitter know that my self-care consisted of napping, reading, and parking myself on a float…in a pool.  I worked out two or three times, enough to assuage feelings of guilt, but I was basically a slug.

My executive coach warned me I might experience a headache during the first few days of vacation and she was right. I had allowed myself to get stressed out in an attempt to bring closure to my job (one that I’ve had for 15 years), pack up my office (I’d collected a ton of stuff), and say “so long” to treasured colleagues. Once in Florida it took about three days for the tightness in my jaw to unwind. I’ve dealt with TMJ issues for years; feel sorry for me. I noticed that my tongue was pressed against the roof of my mouth, something yoga instructors have told me to be mindful of, and it took a while to relax.

Now back at home, I spent yesterday running errands…you know, the stuff that’s difficult to accomplish while holding down a full-time job. For much of the remainder of the week I’ll be under house-arrest following my morning sessions at the gym. We have workers coming in to do some home improvement projects and I need to stick around to supervise in the event I’m needed.

So what does all of this minutia have to do with a fitness blog? Trust me, there’s a tie-in. I’ll share more in future posts.

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