We Interrupt This Blog…

I rarely use this space to ask folks to donate to a cause or participate in on-line voting, so I hope you’ll indulge me now.

A few weeks ago I learned about Shay Eskew via an article in my local newspaper. When Shay was eight years old he was burned on about 30 percent of his body. He suffered extensive nerve damage and he lives with pain on a daily basis. He was told he would never again participate in sports.

Shay clearly has determination. He is an accomplished triathlete and is trying to win a spot in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI. He doesn’t want to simply finish the event, he wants to compete in it and raise awareness for the many issues faced by burn victims. Need proof?  He recently won the Old Hickory Lake Triathlon. He didn’t win his age group, nor did he win a “challenged athlete” category. He won the whole thing.

Here’s a YouTube video where you can learn more about this amazing athlete. I’ll even give you the link to his Team SQ Facebook page (Get it? Eskew/SQ).

Every day from July 4 to July 18 I’m logging on to Kona Inspired and casting my vote for Shay. I hope you’ll do the same. I’ll make it easy for you by providing the link.  Now that you’ve learned a bit more about my new hero, please vote.

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