I Got A Laugh Out of Getting the Finger

I spend a fair amount of time on the roads both as a runner and a cyclist. So when I’m in my car and see a fellow runner or cyclist, I try to be ultra careful and provide plenty of space. Such was the case today while driving home from church. A man was riding his bike; I moved far left within my lane in order to give him room. The only problem was someone else was backing out of his driveway and didn’t see me or the cyclist. Had he plowed into me I would have in turn hit the cyclist. So to avoid catastrophe, I honked my horn twice. The driver stopped and the cyclist and I continued on our journeys.

Feeling relief, I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed the cyclist was giving me the finger! Apparently he didn’t see the driver who almost plowed into me, causing me to almost plow into him. He must have assumed I was honking at him and he wanted me to know what he thought about that.

When I was younger I’d have probably pulled over, explained what happened and let the cyclist know he should be thanking his lucky stars I was quick on the horn or else his head would be splattered across the road. But I didn’t feel one ounce of anger or agitation. I actually thought it was funny.

I’m grateful for the serenity…and the good chuckle.

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