Today I Shall Eat Jello…

and popsicles. I’ll drink chicken bullion. Later today I will take four Dulolax tablets. Two hours after that I will begin an hour-long consumption of 14 DOSES of Miralax mixed in Gatoraide…low calorie lemon-lime to be exact.

By now you may have guessed I’m having a colonoscopy tomorrow. Why in the world am I telling you this? I’ve heard it said that Baby-Boomers have never had an experience we didn’t share. Aside from that, I want you to read this. And if you are 50 or older and haven’t had a colonoscopy, I want you to talk to your doctor. If she wants to order the test, don’t procrastinate.

When I had my annual wellness visit with my doc last month, we discussed the fact that I would need to have this important procedure before my next visit. This will be my baseline test. If there are no polyps I’ll likely not need another test until I turn 60 in ten years. If polyps are found we’ll craft another plan.

While I’m already a smidge hungry there will be no complaining and no drama today. I won’t promise the same tomorrow when I have to get through the morning sans coffee, but I will try to be my normal, sparking self (insert eye-roll). I care very much about someone who is 51 years old and has shown no interest in getting a baseline test. To protect his identity, he’ll only be known as Hubs.  If I treat this like a trip to the park, perhaps he’ll be inspired to get his colonoscopy as well.

My reward for getting through today will be a nice line of Propofol tomorrow morning and hopefully a clean bill of health…

followed by something to eat.

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2 Responses to Today I Shall Eat Jello…

  1. SusanM says:

    Hi Pam,

    I have been reading but haven’t commented in a while because we’re currently dealing with my Hubs’ bowel cancer diagnosis at the age of 47. But obviously I had to comment on today’s post! Please do try to get your Hubs there for a colonoscopy. I mean, I know you will but if I could say anything to your Hubs, it would be that this is a LONG treatment process (10 months on and off).
    It possibly could have been avoided, or at the least not been so lengthy, if my Hubs hadn’t been so reticent and embarrassed by discussing toilet habits. A colonoscopy is a simple procedure that really you know nothing about and is not the least bit embarrassing.
    Yes, the lead up can be not so pleasant but it’s worthwhile for the peace of mind and to help avoid something like this.

    Good Luck and hopefully you get all that Gatorade down without too much trouble :-).


    • Pam Brown says:

      I’m on my way to the hospital for the test, but had to respond first. I’m so sorry you and your husband are going through this. Thank you for sharing this here. I hope those who read your comment will take heed. I’m currently working on You Know Who.

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