I Bit The Big Apple

A few weeks ago, the wonderful folks at Palomar flew me to New York as a “thank you” for testing the PaloVia wrinkle removing laser. I had a blast.

Seven other Top Testers and I were put up in the beautiful Hotel Gansevoort…you, know, the place where Kim and Kourtney live when they “take on New York.” On Friday night we were treated to dinner at The House in Gramercy Park. We had 8 p.m. ressies, but weren’t seated until an hour later. Tim Tebow and his posse lingered over their meal a bit longer than expected. Ever the gentleman, he boughta round for our trouble…if you can call that trouble.

My fellow bloggers and I got to know each other a bit over dinner. I have to say, I felt out of my league when the business cards were passed around. I have business cards for my ” day job” but it had never occurred to me to print cards for my blogging exploits. I wonder if I should step up my game? Hmmm….something to ponder.

Anyway, I really enjoyed meeting my new blogging acquaintances. Several of them are “beauty bloggers” who freely shared their tips gained from testing other products (I was encouraged to switch from my beloved Olay skincare line to Roc.) The PaloVia laser is intended only for use around the eyes. When I complained about my “11s” above my nose/between the eyes, one of the beauty bloggers plainly told me “the only thing that will fix those is Botox.” Sigh. I will once again ask Santa to bring Botox for Christmas.

On Saturday morning the hair, makeup and photo sessions were in full swing when I arrived for my 10 a.m. appointment. The sessions took place in a Gansevoort penthouse suite (no, we didn’t kick out the Kardashians; we used another suite). When I told the young stylist that I didn’t have “bouncin’ and behavin’ hair,” he thought that was the greatest new line he’d ever heard. When he told me he was going to start using itin his shop, I warned him that clients of a certain age would quickly let him know he wasn’t being fresh and hip. Sigh.

Here’s a view from the penthouse suite.

My first experience with airbrushed makeup.

My head shot. Thanks, Palomar!

After hair, makeup and photo shoot, I had a few hours to walk around Manhattan before my car would arrive to take me to the airport. It felt strange walking around town on a Saturday wearing photo shoot makeup complete with false eyelashes, but I survived.

It’s been a few weeks since that trip and I’m still using my PaloVia laser for maintenance twice a week. The skin around my eyes is tighter, so I have no plans to discontinue. I am incredibly grateful to Palomar for the experience and to Vibrant Nation for making the introduction.

Oh, I want you to meet my fellow PaloVia Top Testers. I hope you’ll give their blogs a read.

Beautiful Makeup Search
Prime Beauty Blog
Flourish Over Fifty
Third Age
Sassie Irish Lassie
Gouldy Lox Reviews
Beauty 411

Everyone I met was incredibly warm and friendly. I really hit it off Susan of Flourish Over Fifty, and I feel we’ll keep in touch, at least via Facebook. (Susan, keep me posted on that soon-to-be born grandchild!)

As I shared before leaving for New York, all of this was way out of my comfort zone, but I am so glad I did it!

Full disclosure: Palomar provided me a complimentary PaloVia laser for my use in this study and the company will provide transportation, lodging, food and photo shoot in Manhattan. The PaloVia retails for $499. Click here to learn more about it.

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2 Responses to I Bit The Big Apple

  1. Rebekah Hayes says:

    Why just look at you! What an exciting adventure!

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