No Longer Dreading the White Coat

As I was pondering a post about my recent annual wellness visit, Sean Anderson posted the following on his Facebook Page: At over 500 pounds it was hard to look forward to a doctors visit because I knew what was coming. Somewhere along this road, as we transform, we start looking forward to seeing the doctor. I was like a dog waiting for my “good job” treat. And the treat is freedom. None better. How about you? Can you imagine actually looking forward to your doctors visit? Have you already experienced this?

Sean is the author of Transformation Road: My Trip to Over 500 Pounds and Back. He has a heart of gold and I enjoy our cyber-chats via Facebook. I responded to him by saying I’d recently had a great doctor’s visit and I was planning to write about it here.

It such a relief to no longer dread going to the doctor. I used to spend days rehearsing my response to the sure-to-be-addressed weight issue. I actually still have weight to lose, but my doc is so pleased with my progress she’s not pressing me. In fact, we spent most of this visit discussing the half marathon she’s been training for. We also discussed tests that I must have now that I’ve turned 50. Here’s the roll call:

  • Mammogram every year instead of every other year
  • Bone density test (new for me)
  • Colonoscopy. I’ve already schedule this one. With any luck I’ll only do this once every 10 years. Stay tuned.
  • Eye exam: I had lasik surgery years ago. Because I have no vision issues, I’ve failed to stay on top of glaucoma tests. I’ll have an eye exam this year.
  • ENT exam: I finally discussed some issues I’ve had with mild dizziness, hearing loss and ringing in the ears. She thinks it could be allergies so I’ll have a test to hopefully rule out Ménière’s disease

The colonoscopy, mammogram and bone density tests are the top priority. I’ll deal with the eye exam and ENT visit later in the year, but certainly before next year’s annual well visit.

My doctor called me a few days ago to review my blood work. I have a Vitamin D deficiency which I’m addressing with supplements. Other than that, everything is PERFECT. My once high cholesterol is now 177. I’m grateful that the good report is due to clean eating and exercise; I take no medication (but certainly would do so if it were needed).

So, yes, Sean Anderson. Count me among the people who used to hate going to the doctor but now look forward to it. There’s no better “good job” treat for this old dog than having my physician describe me as “fit and healthy.”

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