Unexpected Inspiration, Continued

Late last week I ran into my new gym acquaintance. I took the opportunity to tell her how much her honesty meant to me. She smiled…and glowed. And I even caught her name.

I recall a pretty important meeting I took last year. I’d never met anyone who would be at the table. When I arrived a man I recognized sprung out of his chair and shook my hand. He said, “I watch you. You’ve lost so much weight and you work out so hard.” Yep, he was a fellow YMCA member. Can you imagine how his kindness helped calm my nerves for the meeting?

I want to do a better job of calling out my fellow early birds who are lifting heaving, sweating it out in spin class and on the running trail, or are working through painful rehab (I’ve been there. It hurts). Some days, waking up at 4:30 and dragging to the gym can be hard. When the rest of the world tells us we’re nuts, we need to encourage each other.

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