Have Oats, Will Travel

  • Premeasured oatmeal/protein powder/peanut butter mixture, packaged in single-served baggies: check
  • Premeasured nutritional mix (for rounding out meals): check
  • Shaker bottle: check
  • Vitamins and supplements: check
  • Running clothes/iPod/Garmin GPS watch/training log: check

As I write this I’m flying the friendly skies in route to a business trip in the D.C. area. The items listed above are in my suitcase. I’ve learned over time that business trips can create havoc for my fitness journey if I don’t plan ahead. I’ve come too far and I have too far to go to allow for havoc.

During this trip I’ll room with a friend and business colleague. She’s well aware of the journey I’m on. She and I have dinner plans tomorrow night and I know she will support me in choosing a restaurant where I can get my nutritional needs met. Friends like that mean a lot to me.

Update: The shuttle ride from the airport seemed longer than the flight, but as we neared the hotel I saw what looks like a beautiful walkway along the Potomac River. Weather permitting, I’ll check it out tomorrow morning.

I’m finally checked into my room. I found a little shop in the hotel that had pre-made salads. I grabbed one along with a cup of yogurt and voilà: a healthy dinner.

I feel prepared. I feel motivated. One day at a time, I’ll stay on my food and exercise plan.

I’m worth it.

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