No More Excuses

As far as working out goes, last week was a bust.  I went to the gym Sunday and Monday. After that I was MIA until yesterday. And yesterday’s 10-mile run nearly did me in following a week of inactivity.

Simply, I let my busy schedule get in the way. Well, that’s not entirely true. Tuesday (Valentine’s Day) was the anniversary of my dad’s death and I found myself in a bit of a funk. My funk morphed in to repeated slaps to my alarm’s snooze bar. But I blame Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s YMCA no show on a busy schedule and what felt like a really weird and stressful week.

Quite simply, I chose to make excuses.

A while back I told you about Linda Feagans. In my opinion if anyone could be excused for making excuses, it’s Linda. But she keeps going and going.  She recently received an award from the local chapter of the American Heart Association. In a second you’ll see the link to an article detailing the award and why Linda received it. Reading it made me recommit to a fitness life of no excuses.

I ask you to take a moment and think about every excuse you’ve ever made to get out of exercising.

N0w read this.

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