Wheat-Free Living: Day 30

A few weeks ago I posted a preliminary report and promised a follow-up on Day 30 of wheat-free living. Thankfully I made a note in my calendar. Otherwise, I’d have forgotten today is Day 30. I suppose that means this is becoming a lifestyle.

Was I perfectly wheat-free the past month? Um, no. Twice I ordered chicken that was breaded. Twice I got defiant and ate some crackers. On one occasion I ordered soup that, based on my sinus reaction afterward, must have contained flour as a thickening agent. So in 30 days I had a small amount of wheat on five occasions. I felt bad enough after each that now when I look at bread all I can think about is puffy eyelids, watery eyes and nasal congestion. No, thank you.

I have to say I feel pretty great. I breathe easier and I’ve all but stopped taking Nazonex. If I continue to not need it I’ll save $50 per month. Sweet! My jeans fit better in the waist. There’s lots of literature out there about how wheat can cause bloating. The book Wheat Belly is getting some attention. I haven’t read it, but if you have, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section.

I won’t promise I’ll never again have a slice of pizza or two (or three), but it would have to be a rare girl’s night out at my favorite pizzeria. I’m still in weight loss mode, so allergies or no allergies, even the occasional pizza night isn’t part of my routine now.

I was chatting with a friend at a Super Bowl party. She’d read my post about eating wheat-free at Olive Garden and commented that it must be difficult to eat this way when wheat is so prevalent in the American diet. Actually, I won’t call it difficult, just different. The first few weeks required a lot of thought and attention (my chicken and soup orders were the result of not thinking). Thankfully, I’m in a groove now and hopefully that won’t change.

One day at a time.

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