Brownbagging at the Potluck

I’m Southern Baptist. Y’all, we can eat. So when we had our quarterly church business meeting and potluck lunch today, I had to make a decision. I made a double recipe of meatloaf and a big bowl of pasta salad.

I didn’t eat one bite of it.

I allow myself one “cheat meal” a week (no sugar/white flour/wheat) and today’s lunch wasn’t it. I’ve eaten at enough church potlucks to know that those things are diet-killers and many of the incredibly delicious dishes are loaded with wheat, which you are sick of hearing know I can’t eat.

So in addition to my contribution to the lunch, I brought my own meal. I ate low-fat tuna salad, a banana, a piece of low fat string cheese and a Carb Master’s yogurt. Yes, I realize I should have had a green veggie, but I did the best I could considering I cooked all morning AND got to church by 9:30.

I dreaded looking out of place with my little lunch pale. But as I should have known, no one cared what I ate. In fact, I saw a couple eating garden salads with grilled chicken and learned they ordered them from Fresh Market early this morning and picked them up around 9 a.m. I told them I was glad to see other brown-baggers and asked if they were on a health program. They responded that they just try to eat healthfully every day and they knew they shouldn’t eat the potluck foods.

I snapped a photo of my mom’s plate. Before you see it, know that she is 86 years old, is at a normal weight, takes NO MEDICATIONS whatsoever and has only been in the hospital for childbirth. She eats very healthy 99.9% of the time. She has a normal relationship with food and an occasional meal like this isn’t going to cause her to think “well I screwed up so I’ll just eat whatever I want for the rest of the day, week, year.”

I show you the photo only to illustrate what I would have eaten before adopting my food plan and giving up wheat. After eating it I would have been angry with myself for “blowing the diet” and I’d have eaten junk the rest of the day.  This plate probably contained a day’s worth of calories. Let’s not even guess at the fat content.

Mom saw me take this photo and asked if I was putting it on Facebook. I told her it was going on my blog and asked if that would be ok. She said, "yes" but I'm not sure she knows what a blog is. Don't tell her.

Underneath all that food was a layer of ham.

I don’t know what my attitude will be tomorrow, but for today I’m willing to risk looking out of place in order to put my health first. What I eat is no one’s business and I’m learning that no one really cares. And that’s a good thing.

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