Wheat-Free Living: A Preliminary Report

Warning: this post includes TMI.

Last week I began an attempt at wheat-free living. I was going to give it a month and then introduce a small amount of wheat into a meal and judge how I felt afterward. Throughout the week I noticed my nose was running like a faucet and I sneezed constantly. I know it was not a cold because the discharge was clear (TMI). I chalked it up to detox symptoms as I believe wheat and white flour affect my sinuses. I was willing to tough it out in hopes of feeling fantastic once the detoxification period was over.

On Saturday night hubs and I ate at a restaurant. I thoughtlessly ordered chicken that was breaded. Within the hour my eyelids got really puffy and my eyes started secreting sticky tears (more TMI). I felt miserable the rest of the night. I awoke Sunday morning looking like I’d spent the night watching sad movies. I no longer believe I need to experiment for a month. I believe I’m allergic to wheat.

A friend of mine read my last post and emailed me a website that offers gluten-free products. I’m going to check it out; I’m on the hunt for wheat-free alternatives.

I still owe you a one-month report on February 9. Hopefully, one day at at time I’ll remain wheat-free and that report will not contain TMI.

Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to Wheat-Free Living: A Preliminary Report

  1. Chris says:

    Many of us are allergic to wheat; we just aren’t aware. I believe it’s an epidemic. I’ll tell you my story in person sometime of how I discovered I’m wheat intolerant and why I believe so many others are as well.

  2. Pam Brown says:

    I believe I’m a member of the wheat intolerant club. My symptoms involve my sinuses vs my stomach, but discomfort is discomfort.

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