I’m Not a Scrooge, But…

I’m completely overwhelmed.

  • December is one of my busiest months at the office. There’s no time to take a day off to tackle holiday shopping, etc.
  • Hub’s birthday is in mid-December. Yay.
  • This year a dear friend of mine is graduating from college. I wouldn’t miss her celebration for the world. So this Christmas season includes a weekend road trip.
  • I’m maintaining a workout schedule of 5-6 sessions per week.
  • My house is in extreme disarray as hubs and I prepare to have some flooring installed…some day.

I almost lost it yesterday. I shared that factoid with a colleague today and she said she would never have known it. While I was glad to hear that, I now realize I’m keeping my feelings bottled up. That’s not good. Feeling overwhelmed + not expressing it = a recipe for disaster. And for me disaster means stuffing my face full of crap I have no business eating in a misguided attempt to salve the feelings.

So here’s what I’m doing about it.

I’m telling you. The simple act of writing this post makes me feel a little bit better. I’m also eliminating things on my to do list that aren’t completely necessary. For example:

  • I’m not decorating for Christmas. Oh, the horror! With my house in the afore mentioned disarray, decorating around out-of-place furniture doesn’t make sense to me.
  • I’m not sending personal Christmas cards. If you’ve been on my card list for the past umpteen years, know that I still love you to pieces. I’ll send you two cards next year as a make up.
  • I’ll blog when I can. When I don’t have time, I simply won’t post.

I still carry a lot of “shoulds” in my head so giving myself permission to let go of the unnecessary feels a bit strange. But right now I’ll take sanity over a perfectly decorated Christmas tree.

No, I’m not a Scrooge.

I’m just a chick on the brink of losing it. And that’s not ok.

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