A Lesson About Loathing

From time to time I find myself in the company of someone I don’t like. I don’t mean that generally; I’m referring to a specific person whom I can’t stand to be around. I loath her. Even as I write this I have a mental picture of her pinched little face peering condescendingly from across the room.

(People who know me: don’t waste your time trying to figure out the identity of this mystery person. I’m not copping to which of my many circles [gym, church, office, wellness groups, volunteer work, etc.] she is a part of. Just know I’m not talking about you.  :-))

I was recently complaining to someone about how much this person gets under my skin. His response? “God put her in your life for a reason.”


I hadn’t thought of it that way. But now whenever I am around her, I’m trying to remember that she is a child of God just as I am. I may not like her behaviors any more now than I did before.  I have so many wonderful people in my life who provide me with great examples of how to treat others. Perhaps she is in my life to show me how not to behave.

I may never know the reason she’s in my life. All I have to do is accept the fact that she is.

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