It’s Never Too Late

I was leafing through a back issue of Women’s’ Running magazine wondering why I had not yet recycled it. Then I flipped to a profile of Inez Ross and remembered. She’s the reason I’d not yet tossed the issue.

The Garmin company ran a special advertising section in which runners were profiled. Ms. Ross was one of the subjects.

Ms. Ross is 80 years old!

And she’s still running.

Ross began running in her 40s and got hooked. She still competes in local races and almost always takes first place in her age group…because she’s often the only person competing in her age group. I love this quote: “I often get a first-place age-group award by default, but honestly, I’d rather come in third and have other women to race against.”

Come in third? Girlfriend’s got confidence! In order for me to place third in my age division, there could only be three of us in the field.

Ms. Ross has competed in two National Senior Games and she’s got her eye on the 2013 event. (National Senior Games take place every other year).

I’ve now recycled that issue of Women’s Running but not before tearing out Ms. Ross’s profile. I’ve filed it away in my “inspiration folder” for those (rare) times when I think it’s too late to achieve my goals.

Rock on, Ms. Ross and thanks for inspiring me.

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