Separating Food From Feelings

I keep up with several weight loss bloggers by reading their blogs (duh) and by following them on Twitter and Facebook. Sean Anderson has been blogging at Losing Weight Every Day for some time now. He’s also written a book which will be released soon. It’s called Transformation Road-My Trip To Over 500 Pounds and Back and I look forward to reading it. Not only does Sean put great stuff out there on his blog, but his Facebook status updates give me something to think about. He posted one on Sunday that was just fantastic IMHO. I sent him a message asking if I could quote him here and he graciously gave me permission. Here’s the quote:

Past weight loss attempts always seemed as fragile as the thinnest glass. Instead of protecting my resolve and trying to strengthen it, I would look for excuses and rationalizations to let it shatter. The hailstones of whatever emotional or circumstantial storm weren’t avoided, instead they were caught and used to break the burden of responsibility—releasing me back into a state of careless behavior. And it was OK to me, because I was a storm victim. Not caring was much easier, even though it made my life much harder.

His quote describes me before I made a real commitment to weight loss, health and wellness. Bad day at work? Binge! Argument with hubs? Binge! Unnamed fears? Binge! Feeling overwhelmed? Binge! So happy about something I can’t stand it? Binge!

It wasn’t until I learned to separate my food choices from the rest of my life that I began to release the extra weight that was keeping me from living that life to the fullest. I’m still a work in progress and I hope to always live in a state of perpetual improvement. But I’m happy with where I am today and I hope for the same tomorrow.

One day at a time.

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3 Responses to Separating Food From Feelings

  1. Pam–For someone like me, using food to pad every emotion, good and bad, it was imperative to separate my emotions from my behaviors with food. It is possible–and the two of us are proof positive. Reminding myself that food wasn’t going anywhere—and I could still enjoy food in reasonable portions at appropriate times, was comforting in a way—The real test came when the storms of life started blowing and it was time to put this separation theory to the test…and somehow—some way, I did it…Breaking the calorie budget wasn’t an option…stuffing my emotions wasn’t available—and I survived—and now, I thrive….and I deal more directly with the emotions I was trying to pad with food my entire life. I’ve never felt more alive–and I’m sure you feel the same! Keep sharing, Pam–keep spreading hope and inspiration!!! My blog was daily for the first 22 months of my transformation—and now, it’s very sporadic—But I’ve transferred that daily energy to facebook, and still occasionally write a blog post…The value in my blog is in the archives, not in the latest post… And facebook helps me control the time investment it takes to stay current, everyday. Pam–Thank you–You’re the best!! —Sean

  2. Jane says:

    Anytime I look at food outside of a planned meal, I know it is about to be used as a way to avoid an emotion or thought I do not want to face at that moment. Even at this fifth anniversary of keeping the pounds off, I am aware that I can be triggered to seek food for comfort. That is why I live a program that includes daily tools and contact with people who understand but do not enable.


  3. Gerri Helms says:

    Great blog on emotions.Sean always peaks my curiousity about what new gem he’s going to throw out there!

    I started my journey 18 years ago, weighing over 250 lb. I stuck food in my mouth so often, that every emotion felt ‘hungry’. In 2001, I was planning my wedding, and all these new feelings were flooding over me. I felt ‘hungry’ all the time, when it was really love, excitement, a little anxiety. I never knew that these were okay feelings until I started to really experience them and sort it all out, with lots of help from friends.

    I did not eat my way through planning our wedding. I’m still maintaining my 100 lb weight loss. I cry alot more, but I laugh alot more too. I gave up a party in my mouth for a party in my life.

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