Middle Tennessee Peeps: Are You With Me?

In July I wrote about Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s efforts to get Middle Tennesseans moving. I mentioned that the mayor is sponsoring a 5K in November and if I am in town I plan to participate.

Well, I’ll be in town on November 13. I want to support the mayor’s efforts. I’m participating in the event.

I haven’t decided if I’ll walk or run. That decision depends in part on whether or not I do a long run the day before. It also depends on you.

I’ll be happy to walk the 5k with anyone who wants to participate but doesn’t have someone to hang out with. We won’t worry about how long it takes to complete it. If three miles seems too long and too daunting, I’ll talk to you until you’re so sick of listening to me, you’ll do anything to finish.

If you’re interested in supporting the mayor’s agenda to get Middle Tennesseans off the couch and you want to complete a 5K, leave a comment here. If you’re shy you can send me a private message on Facebook.

Let’s get moving.

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