Sugar-Free Halloween

As I write this I’m listening for Trick or Treaters’ knocks at the door. I think Halloween 2011 is just about over.  So far only five little kidlets have come by. Had hubs divided all the candy among them, each child would have received about a half a pound.

Yes, we have left over candy. Hubs will eat some of it. We’ll probably take the rest of it to the Tuesday night ESL class where we volunteer. It’s off-limits for me.

I can’t remember the last time I ate candy on Halloween. As I’ve shared before, I have an allergy to sugar. I break out in binge eating.

Just as not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic, not everyone who likes sweets is addicted to sugar. But I am.

You might expect me to be jonzing right now. But I’m not. One day at a time, my cravings for sugar have been removed. These days, if I’m tempted by sweets, I know there’s an emotional issue lurking that I haven’t acknowledged.

Halloween is one of the high holy days for disordered eaters. I no longer have to participate.

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