Loving the Off Season

Yesterday I finished my first week of my “off season” fitness plan.

I loved it.

On Monday and Wednesday I attended a “sculpt” class. Think weight lifting with cardio thrown in. On Tuesday and Thursday I did 30-minute intervals on the treadmill: Tuesday was an incline session and Thursday was a speed session. On Friday I worked out in the weight room.

Yesterday I ran 3.75 miles with speed fartleks during the 3rd mile. I had planned to run five miles before attending a work commitment, but overslept. I’m a recovering “all or nothing” thinker. There was a time when oversleeping meant chucking the workout…and eating a bag of Doritos. Now I know a short workout is better than no workout. And because I ran fartleks, my heartrate elevated quite a bit and I burned almost as many calories (about 600!) has I would have on a leisurely five-miler.

This is the basic plan I’ll follow until the end of the year, but with running higher mileage as my schedule allows.

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