So, What’s Next?

Several folks have asked me that question following last month’s marathon attempt. I’ve purposely waited until last weekend’s half marathon was behind me before answering.

So, here’s what’s next.

1. I plan to keep my running mileage high enough to remain perpetually ready for a half marathon, but I won’t run one until March’s Tom King Classic in Nashville.

2. I’m moving out of “training” mode and into “fitness mode.” By that I mean I’m going to start working out six days a week (I no longer require rest days before and after high mileage runs). On two of those days I’ll lift weights. I’ll run three days a week. On the sixth day I’ll do some type of cardio, perhaps swimming or cycling.

3. Nutritionally, I’m going to cut back a bit on carbs. Notice I said “a bit.” I won’t cut them out completely but I don’t need as many now as I did while marathon training. Just don’t get between me and my morning oatmeal. You have been warned.

4. My food plan is Weight Watchers. I’m doing it on-line and I have the phone ap. There’s no excuse for me not to track my food intake and exercise. Sigh…

These tactics should have me back in fat-loss mode. I have my annual check up in March and hopefully by then my doctor and I will be ready to have a discussion about whether or not I’m where she wants me to be from a health perspective. Hopefully I’ll be entering the unchartered territory of weight maintenance, but that’s the doctor’s decision, not mine.

5. Yes, completing a marathon remains on my bucket list, but there’s no way on God’s green earth I’ll ever again run 18 miles in 101 degree heat. I plan to choose a marathon that takes place sometime between late January to early March 2012, which means I’ll be “gettin’ my long mileage on” around this time next year.

Now, enough about me. What about you? Leave your fitness goals, bucket list items, etc. in the comments section. I’d like to cheer you on.

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2 Responses to So, What’s Next?

  1. Susan in Oz says:

    Oh, um, weeeeeell – I’m trying to decide whether to go ahead with powerlifting or not. I only just ‘had a go’ by accident in July and I’m naturally strong but …. It’s all too difficult (maybe) and I really don’t know what to do. The downside? Working it all out, finding a trainer, dropping 10kg and deciding whether it’s worth it. The upside? Competing in a World Masters Comp (maybe) and being in Texas next October (maybe)! Really it is a tough choice. Can I be bothered with all of this at age 49? Aaaargh!

    Wishing you well in what you’re contemplating! Do you mean a marathon in 2013 though? Just your comment about doing long miles this time next year threw me a bit. I’m still admiring of this ‘marathon business’ :-). If one lifts heavy then it’s all done with very quickly – no hours and hours of effort LOL. Great that we’re all different though.

    • Pam Brown says:

      Hi, Susan. Know that whatever you decide to do, you CAN be bothered with it at age 49! Yes, I’m going to make another marathon attempt in 2013. I’ll continue on this weight loss journey for now, then begin training this time next year (October 2012) for the January 2013 marathon.

      PLEASE keep me posted on your decision and game plan. We’re all in this together!

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