A Bad Day Became an Exhausting Week

As I’ve mentioned, last Monday was a bad day. Looking back, things started unraveling last Saturday. I was scheduled to run eight miles but I could only manage 5.3 due to severe fatigue.

Following Monday’s funkified mood, my outlook improved but my fatigue worsened. I slept eight hours a night yet awoke each morning feeling exhausted. Throughout each day I felt as though I could fall asleep at any given minute. I slogged through the week, trying desperately to appear on top of my game.

I was beginning to get worried about my health. I’m not used to feeling fatigued for no apparent reason. I wondered if this mono-esque feeling meant I’d brought home a case of Lyme Disease from the hiking trip I’d taken the week prior. I never found a tick on me, but I noticed one tiny, unexplained puncture on my leg.

As the week wore on I began having pain in my face and teeth. I self-diagnosed and decided the fatigue was a combination of (a). fighting a sinus infection (b.) lots of hiking the week prior and (c.) a lack of proper recovery following last month’s marathon attempt.

I am a member of a half marathon team that chooses one race per year as a fundraiser for the agency I work for. Yep, the race was yesterday.  I couldn’t imagine covering 13.1 miles given the week I was having. In fact, on Tuesday I emailed my fellow team members to let them know I needed to bow out for health reasons.

As it turns out I was not meant to skip the half marathon. More on that in my next post.

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