It Was Wild In The West

Hubs and I just returned from a week out West. Jackson, WY served as home base. We spent most of our time hiking in Grand Teton National Park and one day in Yellowstone.

It was a great trip. It was an eventful trip. We experienced several firsts:

  • First time to see Old Faithful

    Thar she blows!

  • First time to hear male elk “bugle” (We’ve seen elk before but never during rut season
  • First time to see a grizzly bear. We were on the side of the road about 50 yards from the bear. We were about 30 yards from our car. I wonder if I could have sprinted fast enough if I’d needed to. Hubs would have been fine. After all, he only had to run faster than me!
  • Grrrizzzzly

  • First time to see bison crossing the road.
  • Why does the bison cross the road?

  • First time to see a bear while hiking. Hubs and I were 3.25 miles into our hike. We were about a quarter-mile away from an inspirational point on the trail when we spotted a momma bear protecting her cub. Another hiker who had to pass the bear in order to return to his car reported that she was becoming a bit aggressive. I was becoming a bit freaked out so hubs and I aborted the rest of the hike in favor of saving our lives. Sadly, there have been quite a few deaths in the parks this year and I didn’t want to take a chance.

In addition to those firsts hubs and I shared, I had a first of my own…

I hiked without trekking poles. I guess the high mileage I ran over the summer helped to strengthen my legs.

I like lazy beach vacations as much as the next person. But I love a vacation that includes torching calories, working muscles and being surrounded by God’s craftsmanship.

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