Continued Processing/Continued Kindness

This is the last post about the marathon that wasn’t. I promise.

This post could just have easily been titled “People Are So Nice.” Since my last post I’ve actually seen people; comments about the marathon haven’t been limited to kind words on my Facebook page, texts and phone calls. I continue to be overwhelmed.

I went to church on Sunday and a friend told me she recently struggled to run two miles and kept mentally repeating my name because she knew I’d recently completed a 19-mile training run. My pastor took the time to visit with me moments before worship service was to start. He reminded me that I wasn’t a quitter. What happened what a timing issue vs. my giving up. A distance cyclist, he also told me about an event that was a struggle for him.

Back at work on Monday, my department colleagues sent flowers. I happen to work with the best department on the planet, so this should not have been a surprise. The sweet thing is they ordered them after learning about Mile 21.

I re-entered the YMCA on Tuesday. A staffer/friend was at the front desk waiting to scan my membership card. The first words out of her mouth were “I’m so proud of you.”

My take-away from all of this is that while I focus on what I did not complete (4.2 miles), others concentrate on what I accomplished. It’s the glass half full/half empty thing.

I like others’ view points better than mine.

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