So Many Feelings

My bag is almost packed. I’m waiting for daylight so that I can complete my last training run — a two miler. After a shower and a quick trip to Walmart for last-minute essentials, Coach Lynn and I will hit the road for Dayton. I’m not taking a laptop, so as soon as I hit the send button for this post, I’ll be off the grid except for Facebook and Twitter updates I can manage from my phone.

It’s hard to believe the marathon…this “bucket list” goal that’s been two years in the making is this weekend. I’m feeling a mixture of panic and excitement. My list of fears include hitting the wall  and not finishing, experiencing debilitating leg cramps, and finishing so late in the day there are no medals left. I’m excited about being in the marathon environment and hopefully joining the ranks of those who’ve completed the 26.2 mile distance. I’m looking forward to the Air Force Marathon experience. I’ve heard a lot about the military plane flyovers. One enthusiastic participant I met online runs this race every year because he enjoys the experience so much…and he’s a Navy guy.

I feel grateful to be turning 50 tomorrow. Working in the hospice field, I’ve met so many people who didn’t have that opportunity. I feel emotional about wearing dad’s Army Air Corp dog tag on the racecourse on Saturday, which was his birthday. I was telling a friend about that last night, and he choked up and made me stop talking.

My plan for Saturday is to be “in the moment” during the entire race. Hubs has commented on my tendency to be so focused on my Garmin pace watch that I miss all of the surroundings. He’s right. My Ipod is loaded with “Pam’s Marathon Mix.” I’ll have the volume set low enough that I can hear anyone who is nice enough to cheer for me. I plan to high-five the kids who line the course. I plan to encourage anyone who appears to be struggling more than I.

In short, I plan to just soak it in.

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2 Responses to So Many Feelings

  1. Susan in Oz says:

    Go Pam! I know you won’t get this now but I’m away to FB soon to find you to cheer you on. I hjope you have a great run!

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