Beware of Men in Checkout Lines

I’m in the time period known as the Danger Zone. My marathon is less than two weeks away and if I were to sprain or break something now, there would not be enough time to heal before the big day. So imagine my shock when someone…


On Sunday I ran a quick errand at Bed Bath and Beyond. My sandal-clad feet and I were minding our own business in the checkout line. They don’t call it “check out” for nothing. The guy in front of me was completely checked out. He was mindlessly shifting his weight from one foot to another, gazing into space. Then, all of a sudden he took a step backward and landed squarely on my foot. And he landed hard. And he didn’t even realize it. I grabbed his shoulder and gave him a big, aggressive little shove while saying “excuse me!” in my most perturbed voice.

When he turned around and realized he was standing on my foot he let out an “Oh,[expletive], I’m so sorry!” I told him it was no big deal, but my throbbing foot had a different opinion. Luckily no little footy bones were broken. Aside from some soreness, all is well.

Recognizing I’m in the Danger Zone I’ve been intentional about wearing flat-heeled shoes, I watch where I walk, and I’m ultra-careful walking up and down stairs.

Now I’ll add “standing behind men in checkout lines” to my list of dangerous activities to avoid.

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2 Responses to Beware of Men in Checkout Lines

  1. David R. Williams says:

    Glad to know your foot is all well (almost) to run in the marathon. After stepping in some dainty uncovered feet a couple times, I am very aware of where I step with my big feet. I guess payback came in the form one time of a woman in a pair of stilletos stepped back on my loafered foot, yeah, I uttered some expletives and had a sore toe for a few days, and a permanent dent in the toe of my right loafer…..paying attention to where I step and where others are stepping is utmost importance to me now

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