I Break For Friends

I had a work assignment on Friday that involved arriving later (and staying later) than I do on a normal work day. I wanted to take advantage of not having to deal with the typical morning rush. Rather than wake up at 0-dark-thirty and schlepping to the gym I decided to leisurely surf the Internet until it there was enough daylight to begin my run from my front door.

There are two neighborhoods near mine. Both provide rolling hills, which I need right now. On the rare occasion when my run begins at home, I usually enter the neighborhood to the left. On Friday I made a last-second decision and hung a right.

I was about a mile and a half into a three-mile run. A car was stopped at a stop sign and the driver was waving excitedly. It took me a second, but I soon recognized one of my best friends from high school. We’re Facebook friends, but other than that we don’t see each other nearly as much as we’d like to. I stopped (and stopped my timer) to chat. We spent about five minutes catching up on each others’ lives: her son and parents, my mom, my training, etc. It was great. I loved seeing her.

As she drove away she apologized for interrupting my run. But you know, I didn’t feel interrupted at all.

Some things are more important than mileage and pace times.

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