What Darkness Showed Me

This morning I began my 3.5-mile run before daylight. The first mile of my route is a tree-lined path. The time of day plus the denseness created by the trees made it impossible to see the reading on my Garmin GPS watch. How did this affect my run?

I ran faster. Not sprinter-fast, but faster than my normal pace. Once it was light enough to see my watch, I had to make an effort to hold the pace I’d set while running in the dark.

This experience made me realize what a hugely mental experience running can be. I’ve been telling myself I’m slow, so guess what? I’m slow.

I wonder what I could accomplish if I’d stop the negative self-talk…

I’m ready to find out.

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2 Responses to What Darkness Showed Me

  1. Chris says:

    Well first, if you’re doing 3.5 miles, you’re doing more than 99% of America, who is sitting on the couch watching Jersey Shore. So let’s be real. And slow??? Who cares? Pam, you’re doing it. Let me tell you about slow. I went and ate a big ol’ Mexican meal last night, along with two stiff Margaritas, then I called myself trying to “train” last night after that. Pitiful, and if you want to see “slow”, you should’ve beheld that vision. Not pretty.

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