Thanks, Air Force Mom.

These days every training session means I’m running on tired legs. I’m told that’s normal during this phase of marathon training.

Yesterday morning I was scheduled to run five miles. My legs were fatigued and I felt really, really sleepy. When I’d reached the two-mile point I reminded myself that marathon training often means running when I don’t want to. I told myself to “woman-up” and keep going.

A half mile later I saw two women walking toward me. As they got closer, I could see one of them was wearing an “Air Force Mom” t-shirt. I’m not a very outgoing person. If I know someone I’ll talk ad nauseam, but I’m not the girl who speaks to strangers on elevators. However, when I saw that t-shirt I realized this woman’s son or daughter is making some kind of sacrifice. I don’t know whether he or she is  living in the U.S. on a base far away from family, or overseas in harm’s way. I had to say something.

“I’m training for the Air Force Marathon, Air Force Mom,” is all I managed to say as we passed each other. Air Force Mom looked excited…not for me but for the fact that her child’s sacrifice was acknowledged.

It was the briefest of encounters, but once we passed each other I realized that even though I was still running on tired legs, my spirit was uplifted.

I hope I gave Air Force Mom a little pick-me-up. She certainly helped me.

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