Entering New Territory

Last week my marathon training brought me two “firsts.”  I ran 30 miles in one week and I completed a single 15-mile run.

On Saturday I met coach/pal Lynn at uber-hilly Percy Warner Park. Lynn graciously agreed to run the entire 11.2 course with me, even though her training plan didn’t require that many miles. I arrived at the park early and ran two miles in the nearby neighborhood, leaving me only two more solo miles to go after my run with Lynn.

The hills hadn’t flattened out since my last run in the park a week earlier, but my legs felt a bit stronger. I believe hill training is beginning to pay off. I felt remarkably ok during the run. Lynn had suggested I switch from drinking water to Accelerade Hydro. That little switch made a huge difference.

When we finished the 11.2 course, Lynn left and I hit a 1.6 mile trail followed by .4 miles of running to my car. I can’t tell you how grateful and accomplished I felt to achieve a new high in my mileage. This week I’m scheduled for a lower mileage “recovery” week. Saturday’s long run will only be 13 miles and my weekly mileage total will be 28 miles. I never thought I’d say, “I’m only running 13 miles.” Next week my mileage climbs again. My Saturday run will be (gulp) 17 miles and my weekly total will be 33 miles.

This is beginning to get interesting. Wish me luck.

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