A Challenge for My Mid-TN Peeps

My fellow Middle Tennesseans, when it comes to obesity, our state is one of the worst in the nation. Nashville Mayor Karl Dean isn’t taking this lying down. He and fellow Nashvillians just completed a “Walk 100 Miles With the Mayor” challenge*.  Mayor Dean is now challenging Nashvillians to train to walk or run a 5k on November 13. Training begins September 10. Here’s a link to this morning’s Tennessean  article announcing the challenge.

Hubs and I are finalizing some fall vacation plans. Right now it looks like I’ll be in town on November 13 and if that plan holds, I will participate in the mayor’s 5k. If I’m out of town I promise to run a minimum of 3.1 miles that day. Since I’ve been running a while, I’m already trained for the 5k distance. I’m participating to support our mayor’s efforts to get Middle Tennesseans off the couch and onto a healthy path. If you live in Nashville or one of our surrounding counties, I want you to take the mayor’s challenge with me. You certainly don’t have to wait until September 10 to begin training, but even if you do, there’s plenty of time to prepare. Don’t like to run? Then for Heaven’s sake, walk.

Making your intention public is a tactic that will help you stick to your goals. Why else would I write about buying jeans a size too small or training for a marathon? What, you think I like sticking my neck out there? To that end, if you’re willing to participate in the mayor’s 5k, make it known. Post a comment here on the blog site, rather than private messaging me on FB.

Who’s with me?


*I didn’t officially participate in the “Walk 100 Miles” challenge because I was already well into my marathon training. Just for kicks, I tallied the miles I covered during the challenge time frame. My result? 256 miles!


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