A Little Encouragement…

Goes along way.

I’m in Week 8 and I’ve only missed two workouts in this marathon training program.  The misses were due to a sinus infection. Today ALMOST became skip number three.

I often wake up on Thursdays feeling very fatigued. My workout week goes Saturday through Thursday. My current schedule has me resting on Fridays in advance of the Saturday long run. So by the time Thursday rolls around I’ve already worked out five days in a row. I’m tired and sore. My alarm clock’s snooze button is very appealing.

This morning I woke up at 4:15. I was not happy about that. I grabbed a cup of coffee (I’m so thankful for coffee pots with the automatic brew feature) and decided to hop on Facebook while I waited for the caffeine to kick in. A high school friend sent me a private message. She told me she was impressed with the training I’m doing. Suddenly, I no longer felt like skipping my workout. I wrote her back, hopped out of the chair, and drove my tired self to the YMCA. I had a great training session.

A little encouragement goes a long way. People who comment here on the blog or on my public Facebook page, those who send me private messages, and those who simply hit the “like” button regarding a blog post they saw on FB mean the world to me. I have been blessed with a bunch of people who are cheering me on during my marathon march toward the Big 5-0.

I can’t thank them enough.


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